Morgan Cousins Reunion

A blog tracing the planning and details for the bi-annual reunion of the descendants of John Rittenhouse Morgan and Susanne (Bicknell) Morgan. Currently attended by the descendants of two of their children - Morris James Morgan and Charles Edward Morgan although we'd love to meet descendants of the other children.

Location: Talent, Oregon, United States

Monday, February 19, 2007

Just a quick note tonight to update everyone on the current status of replies I've received to the first reunion mailing.

I sent out 170 reunion notices on January 29th and have received 21 responses so far. These indicate that 38 people will be attending the reunion and that 12 people will not be attending. If your family has not responded, please do so as soon as you can. I'm sure the number of attendees will rise considerably as several of the regular attendees have not yet responded.

I've received a few mailings back marked "Undeliverable As Addressed." Perhaps this weekend I will be able to post on this blog those people that I need new addresses for.

Related to that - several people have sent updated addresses for those on the "Missing Cousins" list I included in the mailing. Rest assured, if you sent me an updated address for one of the missing, I've since mailed them a reunion notice.

That's all for tonight.

I'll be back soon!



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