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A blog tracing the planning and details for the bi-annual reunion of the descendants of John Rittenhouse Morgan and Susanne (Bicknell) Morgan. Currently attended by the descendants of two of their children - Morris James Morgan and Charles Edward Morgan although we'd love to meet descendants of the other children.

Location: Talent, Oregon, United States

Monday, January 29, 2007

Huzzah!! The mailings have FINALLY been dropped at the Post Office.

Now you might ask, "Ron........I see in the last posting, it says you were going mail the notices 'next weekend' and the posting is dated clear last August!! What's up??"

My That's it! Nothing extravagant, nothing dramatic, just life. Well, actually I tend to suffer a little from procrastination. ("If it can be done tomorrow, maybe we should wait until tomorrow!") Or should I say my wife, children and relatives suffer from my procrastination. That might be more accurate. So that's it! Hopefully you'll all still want to come to a reunion where you will be associating with a known procrastinator. can I make them still want to come?

I know!!

There'll be treats!!!

That ought to work. ;-)

Now, on to other news.

1) I've included in the mailing a listing of Morgan Cousins whose notices last time were returned as undeliverable. Hopefully if some of you can update some of their addresses for me, we can include them in future mailings. I don't want to post their names on this blog, because, as I noted in the earlier posting, this blog is available to anyone with internet access and I don't want to put all that information out there for just anybody to view.

2) On a related note, I plan on posting the full mailing list in the gathering room at the reunion this summer so all of you can check to see if all of your extended family members are included on the list. If not, we can add any missing family members to the mailing list right then and there.

3) I'm going to make a sincere attempt (Caution: remember the procrastination thingy) to get all the new information I have gathered on our extended family entered in to the genealogy program on my computer so when I print out the giant family tree chart to display at the reunion this summer it will be as current as possible. To assist in that effort, I'm asking all of you reading this blog to email me with any new family information for things that have happened since our last reunion. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces and the like. Please include all pertinent information depending on the event. For instance for a birth, tell me the parents names, the child's full name, the birth date, location, etc. All the basic birth information. Same for the other events. All the basic information.

4) And finally a note on divorces. If there has been a divorce in your family that should NOT be on the family tree chart displayed at the reunion, please let me know that now. In the past I've unintentionally caused hurt feelings. Certainly not what I want to do. If you have an ex-spouse you don't want shown on the chart, just tell me and that person will not be included on the chart. The one thing I will ask is, if there were children from that marriage, tell me how you want that information handled? Who should be listed as those children's parents?

I think I'll sign off for now. Hopefully there will be several of you checking this out after you receive your notice in the mail. Drop me an email to let me know you're reading. That will encourage me to keep typing!

Until later,



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