Morgan Cousins Reunion

A blog tracing the planning and details for the bi-annual reunion of the descendants of John Rittenhouse Morgan and Susanne (Bicknell) Morgan. Currently attended by the descendants of two of their children - Morris James Morgan and Charles Edward Morgan although we'd love to meet descendants of the other children.

Location: Talent, Oregon, United States

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome to the web log for the Morgan Cousins Reunion!

We are the descendants of John Rittenhouse Morgan (1809 - 1887) and Susanna Bicknell Morgan (1826 - 1916).

Here are the details:

What: Morgan Cousins Reunion
When: July 20th - 22nd, 2007
Where: Columbus, Nebraska
Who: Descendants of John Rittenhouse Morgan and Susanna Bicknell Morgan
Why: What a silly question!

If you would like to post comments on this blog or on the reunion, you are welcome to.

I will update this blog anytime something happens during the preparation for our reunion. For instance today, I wrote the "First Notice" mailing and will get it sent out by next weekend. I am going to email it to anyone I have an email address for, asking them to let me know they received it. For everyone who doesn't respond, I will assume they didn't get it and will snail mail their notice to them. To everyone I don't have an email address for, I will snail mail them their notice. (I'm trying to do as much communicating by email as possible because it saves quite a bit of money in of the biggest expenses when putting on a reunion.)

If anyone has a relative who should be receiving reunion information and that relative has changed their mailing address or email address within the last three years, please email me with their new contact information. DO NOT POST IT ON THIS BLOG.....THIS IS NOT PRIVATE TO THE MORGAN COUSINS....ANYBODY WITH INTERNET ACCESS CAN READ THIS BLOG.

To let you all know what has happened so far -

I spoke with our southern California relative that was thinking about hosting the reunion this next time. That cousin said they still want to host at some point, but they don't think they will be able to in 2007.

I also spoke with Sue in Columbus and she said they would be willing to co-host again with Stella and me. I called Uncle Ron to see what his feelings were and he said he thought holding it in Columbus again sounded fine. We'd like to be clear that we are not trying to commandeer the reunion, but unless someone else steps forward to host future reunions, the choices are limited.

Stella and I visited our moms in Columbus a couple of weeks ago. While there, Sue and I made reservations for our reunion dinner. We will be holding it at a different place this time. Still across the street from the motel, just across the street to the north instead of east. I think it will be a nicer, brighter environment for us.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you next July!

Until next time,



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